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At 3 sixty 5 outdoorliving, we strive to make your Christmas experience unforgettable. That's why we are excited to announce our collection of Fairybell Christmas trees - the perfect way to illuminate your festive season!

"Why Fairybell Christmas trees?"

Beautiful and enchanted

These trees radiate a magical beauty, reminiscent of the atmosphere of an enchanting Christmas night. The subtle lights create a perfect ambiance for your Christmas celebration.

Easy to set up
Our Fairybell trees are designed with ease of use in mind. With innovative technologies, you can effortlessly set up these trees in no time. No more hassle with complicated instructions and loose branches!


Unlike traditional Christmas trees, Fairybell trees last for years. They are made from high-quality materials and can withstand all weather conditions. With Fairybell trees, you can celebrate many magical Christmas seasons!


3sixty5 collection

Fairybell All Surface

These trees are suitable for any surface and are available in various sizes. Create an illuminated centerpiece atmosphere in your garden or patio, regardless of the type of ground.

Fairybell including flagpole

Transform your flagpole into an impressive Christmas statement! These special Christmas trees are designed to easily attach to the included flagpole, creating a unique and festive appearance.

Fairybell 6+ meters (without flagpole)

These majestic trees are perfect for public spaces, businesses, or simply if you're looking for an iconic Christmas tree. Available in various heights, these trees will make your Christmas celebration stand out. Flagpoles up to 10 meters can be ordered separately.

Fairybell christmas tee
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